Unframed Talking : Valentin Henry, Head of Entrepreneurship at Rennes School of Business

The new podcast “Unframed Talking” by Rennes School of Business features talks with a range of inspiring men and women who attended the School. These exceptional members of our Alumni talk about the challenges, successes and lessons learned in their careers so far, and the instances in which they thought, or acted, “outside the frame.”

In this episode of the podcast, we meet Valentin Henry, a graduate of the Grande École Programme and the MSc in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Rennes School of Business.

Valentin has always been very involved in the School and has always felt drawn to entrepreneurship. During his studies, he set up his first company with a friend based on an innovative solution to clean soil by producing bio-ethanol. A few years later, he created a second company, a consulting firm.

Today, as Head of Entrepreneurship at Rennes School of Business, his mission is to help students create their own businesses. He is motivated to help the school grow, to get involved and to advise students based on his own experience. From his years at Rennes School of Business, he remembers the encounters he made, people who became friends, but also the teaching staff, in particular Don Minday, and the school staff such as Régis and Régine, two outstanding personalities of the School.

Find out more about Valentin’s journey (podcast in French)!

Publié le 2/12/2021