Unframed Talking: Gwenaëlle Gerard, director of a sustainability and corporate responsibility consultancy

In order to celebrate this 30-year milestone, the teams at Rennes School of Business have gone looking for some of the most ‘Unframed’ Alumni profiles to share in its new dedicated podcast series.

The new podcast, “Unframed Talking,” by Rennes School of Business features talks with a range of inspiring men and women who attended the School. These exceptional members of our Alumni talk about the challenges, successes and lessons learned in their careers so far, and the instances in which they thought, or acted, “outside the frame.”

In this third episode of the series, we meet and talk with Gwenaëlle Gerard, Director of ResponSable, a consulting firm focused on sustainable development and social responsibility. Gwenaëlle has lived in Mexico for 17 years and has launched several companies there with her husband and partner, Nicolas Blondel, another member of the Rennes SB Alumni.

After experiencing personal and professional difficulty following an earthquake in Mexico City on 19 September 2017, Gwenaëlle was able to show resilience and courage to overcome these difficulties.

Find out more about Gwenaëlle’s journey!

Publié le 28/09/2021