Rennes School of Business celebrates its 30th birthday with some “Unframed” cakes

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, and to highlight the key figures of the School in a way that is true to its Unframed Thinking identity, Rennes School of Business recently launched its KPI cake campaign. The unique infographics were designed in partnership with Paris-based communications agency, La Chose and depict a series of delicious-looking cakes which were specially made by the Chez Bogato bakery and photographed by Marion Saupin, who specialises in culinary photography.

The cakes visually represent some of the key figures which define Rennes School of Business on the occasion of its 30th anniversary celebrations, notably the international nature of its Faculty, the excellent professional integration of its students and its success in integrating the Top 10 French Management Schools in just 30 years!

Publié le 24/11/2021