Soïg Le Bruchec

2001 cohort 8 - Programme Grande Ecole


Soïg Le Bruchec was the 1000th student to graduate from Rennes School of Business! He graduated in 2001 from the Programme Grande Ecole and took a marketing option during his course, which helped him get to know the digital and tech domains. Today, Soïg is the CEO of Néo-Soft, an independent digital transformation consulting group created in Rennes in 2005.

Humility is an extremely important value to have in business because we also experience failure; we must consider these failures as opportunities forf reflection and questioning.

Soïg Le Bruchec was the 1000th student to graduate from Rennes School of Business! He graduated in 2001 from the Programme Grande Ecole and took a marketing option during his course, which helped him get to know the digital and tech domains. Today, Soïg is the CEO of Néo-Soft, an independent digital transformation consulting group created in Rennes in 2005.  

From his years at Rennes School of Business he remembers the people he met, who would go on to become colleagues and close friends. His advice to students at Rennes School of Business is to meet as many people as possible, to enrich their network and get a foot in door of the professional world, even through work experience!  


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