Margaux Mathieu

2016 cohort 22 - Bachelor / PGE / MSc in International Marketing

Paid Social Director at iProspect

In this episode, which closes this series of podcasts, we meet up with one of the youngest members of Alumni we have interviewed so far, Margaux Mathieu, Paid Social Director at iProspect, a media agency that guides clients in their digital communication strategy.

Go for itbelieve in yourself

In this episode, which closes this series of podcasts, we meet up with one of the youngest members of Alumni we have interviewed so far, Margaux Mathieu, Paid Social Director at iProspect, a media agency that guides clients in their digital communication strategy. An expert in social media, she now manages a team of around forty people.  

After graduating from the Bachelor in Management and the Programme Grande Ecole, Margaux had the opportunity to travel to Canada and Mexico, two completely different but very enriching trips.  Her statistics teacher predicted that “Rennes SB will change your life” and this is what she sees today, the encounters she had at the school remain with her for life. She advises students to make the most of their opportunities and to follow through with their ideas.  


Discover her full interview here.