Margaux Campart

1993 cohort 1 - Bachelor in Management

HRBP Sales Business Development chez Ferrero International Headquarters, Luxembourg

Now employed as a manager at Ferrero's global headquarters in Luxembourg, Margaux Campart is a graduate of both the Bachelor in Management and the Programme Grande Ecole with a specialisation in Human Resources Management at Rennes School of Business.

There has always been an international aspect to my journey.

Now employed as a manager at Ferrero’s global headquarters in Luxembourg, Margaux Campart is a graduate of both the Bachelor in Management and the Programme Grande Ecole with a specialisation in Human Resources Management at Rennes School of Business.  

In this episode, Margaux looks back on her journey at the School as she initially began the Rennes SB Bachelor in Management following her baccalaureate. She describes her journey as cosmopolitan and multicultural due to the international students she met, but also thanks to the exchanges she was able to complete in the Philippines and in Russia. ‘It was very rewarding to have that sort of open-mindedness so early in my journey.‘  

She advises students to stay true to who they are, to take advantage of international exchanges as an opportunity to discover the world and get to know other people and to optimise the time spent in companies and internships during their studies in order to find out what they really want to do.

Margaux talks about the School’s Unframed signature, the teachers who made an impact on her experience and more… Hear the full story on our Unframed Talking podcast (in French), available on Tuesday 15 February 2022. 

Hear the full story on our Unframed Talking podcast. (in French only).