Hassan Triqui

1998 cohort 6 - Executive MBA

Co-founder and CEO at Secure-IC, France

Hassan Triqui is co-founder and CEO of Secure-IC Rennes, a specialist in the field of embedded cybersecurity.
Hassan Triqui

I did an executive MBA which really enriched me intellectually, which helped me understand the world better in a general way.

Hassan Triqui, is co-founder and CEO of Secure-IC, a specialist in the field of embedded cybersecurity. Passionate about this sector, he aims to convert all innovative technologies into business. He likes to get in touch with customers and other cultures. The multiculturalism of the school and its international DNA were determining factors for him in his choice of programme. He emphasises the importance for young people to train, educate themselves, travel and create their own niche in an international world. In 30 years, Hassan imagines Rennes School of Business as a school which is truly connected to the world.  




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