Anne-Marie Quéméner

1994 - 3ème cycle Commerce International

SPACE Exhibition Manager, France

Anne-Marie Quéméner is the General Commissioner of SPACE, one of the world's largest Agribusiness Exhibitions.
Rennes School of Business Alumni Unframed Talking Anne-Marie Quéméner

The Unframed Thinking spirit is knowing how to adapt, come up with new answers and face challenges.

Anne-Marie Quéméner is the General Commissioner of SPACE, one of the world’s largest Agribusiness Exhibitions.

She graduated in 1994, and particularly remembers experiencing student life in Rennes, going on her first trips to Asia and discovering new cultures during her time at Rennes School of Business. In 2041, she envisages a school that is even more open to the world, even more global, a school that will have continued to move forwards thanks to its fundamental values, particularly creativity and humility, two ideals that particularly represent Anne-Marie.

Discover her remarkable journey by listening the seventh episode of the Unframed Talking podcast.

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