Rennes School of Business, the youngest French business school is celebrating its 30 years this year !

Rennes School of Business 30 ans de 1991 à 2021

Founded in 1991, Rennes SB will launch this fall the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the inauguration of its first building on the Beauregard campus in Rennes. Over the years, the School has kept its identity and its values ​​intact of openness to the international, pioneering spirit and academic excellence.

Rennes School of Business was founded in 1991, it was then called "Sup de Co". The youngest of the French Grandes Ecoles de Commerce has continued to develop during these 30 years, to reach today the Top 10 of the best French management schools *, distinguishing itself more particularly on the criteria "International" and "Excellence academic ”.

"30 years is what it takes to occupy a unique, global and multicultural place in the demanding family of French Business Schools in Rennes, Brittany. 30 years old is also the entry into the age of maturity with the 22,500 graduates who have known, all in their own way, from all parts of the world, to think "outside the box". We are happy to celebrate this anniversary together with our #UnframedThinkers ”communities.
* Ranking 2020 and 2021 Le Parisien and L’Étudiant post prépa

Thomas Froehlicher,
General Manager, Rennes School of Business. 

We meet with our entire community, especially Alumni around the world, but also partner companies, the academic and institutional ecosystem, staff, as well as current and future students …. from the start of the September 2021 school year, for the rest of these celebrations, with events, communication campaigns and devices that will accompany the academic year, on the Rennes and Paris campuses, and of course internationally.

New visual identity

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Rennes School of Business is unveiling a new visual identity created for the duration of these celebrations.

It will be used on all communication media in the coming months, as well as proudly displayed on the Rennes campus of the Business School. This identity will be deployed throughout the academic year 2021-2022.

Rennes School of Business drapeau 30 ans

On the occasion of the School’s 30th anniversary, it was essential to create an anniversary logo to accompany all the speeches during the year. This logo tells us the story of the mythical winged puma – a key part of the school’s identity – which leaps from the number 30 to express the school’s unframed positioning. A colorful logo, reflecting the youth and dynamism that characterize Rennes School of Business.

- La Chose Agency, logo creator

Rennes School of Business

Follow Rennes SB's 30th anniversary celebrations with the hashtag # 30yearsRennesSB.

Rennes School of Business aims to reveal managerial talents in a multifaceted world and to become one of the most innovative, responsible and resilient Business Schools in Europe.

True to its signature “UnframedThinking”, the School embodies, more than any other business school, a new model of education. A young, cosmopolitan model, without mental barriers, and looking to the future. A model free from any formatting, where everyone can fulfill themselves as an individual. Rennes School of Business’s mission is to train students able to evolve outside of traditional models to invent the world of tomorrow and train students to be free spirits of any convention. To do this, Rennes SB carries and brings to life on a daily basis its 5 strong, concrete values ​​shared by our community:

  • Freedom

    Forming free spirits means refusing to let ourselves be locked into the shackles imposed by conventions to go beyond existing models.

  • Creativity

    Put the value of the "idea" back at the heart of our approach and know how to think outside the box to invent new models.

  • Daring

    Inventing tomorrow means giving yourself the means to go where others have not yet been.

  • Opening

    Because the inspiration is there, before our eyes, it is essential to immerse yourself in the world around us and to know how to look at it with eyes wide open, in order to learn and understand.

  • Humility

    The essential counterpart of daring.
    Go where others have not yet been, but never believe you have arrived or think you are not. Humility also means giving oneself the right to be wrong and accepting to fail in order to better recover.

Rennes School of Business Unframed Thinking 30 ans